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President's Message - Winter 2023

Dear New Hampshire Highways Readers:

As I write this message, my family, friends, and community are in the midst of the holiday season. It’s the time of year when it’s natural, as the calendar turns, to reflect on the past, reminisce, and prepare for what’s ahead. What’s the year 2022 been like at Good Roads? What’s on the horizon in 2023?

When looking back at the past year, one thing that comes to mind immediately is Larry Major and the Workforce Development Committee. They’ve done some extraordinary work in 2022, successfully creating a Good Roads forum for learning, exploring, and taking action. We know that the construction workforce crisis is a highly challenging and complex problem that requires sustained commitment and effort to address. I’ve never felt prouder of our ability to bring people together to address a shared challenge than I’ve been over the past year with the work of this committee. I anticipate more great things from this committed group of individuals in the year ahead.

One significant action the board took in 2022 has been rethinking and rewriting our mission statement. The process involved several helpful discussions about “who we are” and “what we do.” The result can help guide our work together well into the future. Our new mission statement has been incorporated into New Hampshire Highways magazine’s table of contents page. It has also been integrated into the Association’s other digital and collateral communications.

For the New Hampshire Good Roads Association, our networking events have always been at the core of our mission. These events — like the Fall Social in November and the more recent Past President’s Holiday Social in December — represent decades-old traditions that our membership continues to value. Or do they? Do we know?

While we were thrilled with the record-setting attendance at the 2022 Fall Social, we were also disappointed with the turnout for the holiday social. Earlier in the year, our newest networking event — Paintball Battle — seems to have gained some traction, but who’s not participating? How can these events help build our membership?

The Equipment Showcase Open remains an extremely popular and important event for the Association, and we’re constantly working to make it better, more inclusive, and more fun for everyone. How are we doing? Of course, we get lots of anecdotal feedback, but we want to know what we’re missing.

The board has decided to survey current members to get answers to at least some of our questions. Please watch your e-mail in early February for this survey, and respond thoughtfully, candidly, and promptly. Your input is essential for us and our planning efforts in the years ahead.

If you’re entering dates in your 2023 planner, include July 28, for the Equipment Showcase Open. Look for registration forms on the website sometime in May. Paintball Battle 2023 is happening sometime in May, and we’ll let you know the specific date soon. On the near horizon is the Annual Meeting on April 6. Registration information will be available on the Good Roads website in February. Don’t miss it! On behalf of everyone at the New Hampshire Good Roads Association, I wish you all a safe and joyous New Year!


Chris Mulleavey


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