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Good Roads = Good Job$

April 18, 2023 - Nashua Boys & Girls Club Career Day

Photos: Chris Robert, E.D. Swett and Larry Major, Pike Industries visited with students from Nashua, Milford and Hudson schools about careers in highway construction.

Upcoming Events

July 10 - 14, 2023

UNH Construction Tech Camp

We plan to be part of the UNH Construction Tech Camp. Our bus tour to E.D. Swett’s

bridge project last year was extremely well appreciated by the program. NHGRA was asked to offer curriculum ideas for 2023. We would be happy to consider your project (+/- July 12) for an interactive visit if your company is interested.


Workforce Development Initiative

Coming together to reimagine the construction workforce described in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act presents a phenomenal opportunity to reimagine how work gets done across the transportation construction industry. How can we promote rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure as an attractive option for people seeking new opportunities and developing their careers? The New Hampshire Good Roads Association (NHGRA) recognizes that our regional and national competitiveness, the standard of living, and future growth rests on our state’s transportation infrastructure. We look forward to partnering with leaders from across the state to create a task force, and to work collaboratively to identify, train, and support the highway construction workers of the future.


Workforce Development Committee

Larry Major, Pike Industries

Jason Riley, Maine Drilling & Blasting

Adam Bates, Weaver Brothers Construction Co.

Will Hess, Hess Engineering & Construction Consultants

Chris Robert, E.D. Swett, Inc.

Meghan Theriault, Town of Gilford

Pat L'Heureux, Severino Trucking Co.

Matt Valle, Haul Hub Technologies

Brenda Clemons, NH Good Roads Association 

Contact the NHGRA office at if you’re interested in participating with the Workforce Development Initiative. The time commitment can really be whatever you can afford. Maybe you just want to contribute some ideas that the Initiative can work on? Just let us know!

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